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When we started Capes In Flight I was beyond excited with the idea of making kids smile with capes.  I knew I wanted to donate capes to little ones who were deserving.  I thought of those fighting certain illness, diseases, trials, or having any type of limitations in their lives.  
Recently, we donated capes to our local hospital.  I had my two girls help me in the act.  We all were so excited to know that the kids staying in the hospital would receive their own special cape.   Beautiful, Brave, Amazing and Lovable were just some of the adjectives we used on the capes since we don't have access to their first names.  

We want to start a new way of giving back.  We want YOU to nominate a child you think deserves a cape, and we will send them one for FREE to hopefully brighten their day. Send us an email to with the information below.
  • Child's first and last name
  • Child's age
  • Reason you are nominating this specific child 
  • Guardian's name
  • Guardian's email address
  • Child's diagnosis
  • Website, FB page or blog that child has been highlighted on
  • Your name and email address

Due to the number of responses we will do our best to get capes to these little ones.  However, we have a certain number of capes each year that we can donate.  Thank you for your responses.  We know all kids deserve a cape and we want to make that possible for those that you nominate.